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Heartland Sweetheart

If you kiss my neck… You’re not leaving this room unfucked.


But I mean we still gotta eat.


everything love


How ‘bout Them Cowgirls?


We are all Josh Hutcherson


Posted by mistymorrning




When a girl says “Make me” that’s secret code for “fuck the shit outta me until I can’t walk or talk straight”

Is this true ladies?

this is 100% true

Welcome to my blog!
24 years young.
I'm just a country girl from the heartland.
Missouri born and raised.
Back in Missouri after living in Texas for awhile.
Proud Mama and pregnant with #2.
I love the outdoors.
I love to hunt.
I'm a country music junkie.
I'm a cowboy boot addict.
I have a girly side.
I am a huge Disney fan.
I enjoy reading and discovering new books.
I love making new friends so please message me!
If there's anything you'd like to know, just ask.
I'm an open book so ask away! (Anon is disabled but I will answer privately if you ask me to)

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